Our Mission

City Life Fellowship is a community of believers abiding in Christ Jesus and advancing His Kingdom. Our conviction is that God is active and involved in every aspect of life and culture.  Our mission is to learn how to participate with Him in bringing Christian transformation to individuals, families, and our local community.

Christian Unity

Our faith in God truly affects the way we live, both individually and as a fellowship. At City Life Fellowship, our faith (see statement of faith) forms the foundation for our unity with one another, and with other Christian churches in our community. We are committed to working with other churches and individual believers in our community, praying for one another and working together for common goals as we reach out to the people of Santa Rosa.

CLF Leadership Team

Peter & Becky Madison

Mike & Zan Danford

As a leadership team, we believe in the ministry of all believers and we seek to oversee a wide expression of ministry, leadership, and growth.

About Us

An inter-denominational Christian church, City Life Fellowship is characterized by genuine relationships, participatory heartfelt worship, relevant preaching, and meaningful ministry to others.

A Brief History

In 2002, City Life Fellowship members began to pray and seek a place where their vision for a community center could be expressed. In September 2003, God answered those prayers. The vision became a reality as City Life Fellowship moved into its community center at 2425 Mendocino Avenue. The City Life Community Center served as a meeting space for several churches and ministries, and as a ministry to the people of Santa Rosa, offering classes and opportunities for growth, as well as being the home base for City Life Fellowship. In 2010, we moved from that facility to 3300 Sonoma Avenue (alongside New Vintage and Harvest fellowships), and then in 2011 to 840 Sonoma Avenue (alongside 7th Day Adventist) where we currently hold our Sunday services. City Life offices are located at 1315 Pacific Avenue at the Christian Church facility. Our history reflects the heart God has given us for working alongside other churches in the body of Christ here in Santa Rosa, and we look forward to what He has for us in the future.